Mind Dimension (the book) by Ashoi


Ashoi: "The book simply happened, as though it compiled itself with a purpose that transcended mine. I would have distributed the book in 2004, but I was persuaded by deep insight to wait until 2007. Earlier, human beings at large were not yet ready to make these revelations their own. From those sages ten thousand years ago to some among us today, only a small number of human beings have had these revelations; however, this century we are going to see a major leap in human evolution...it's time for a revolution in human consciousness.  

"I consider this book to be a scientific spiritual revelatory piece of fine art, like a sculpture or a painting; for which reason I did not have the book edited by a professional editor, rather, upon completing the draft I set it aside until now to print and distribute it. I could have edited and refined the book further myself, but I chose to call it complete and printed this edition the way it is with a few typos and the rest.

"I would say that my books, discourses, DVDs, etc. are for just about anybody who is a 'serious seeker of truth'; A serious seeker is someone who aspires truth. Those who desire insight of reality will find great benefit in what I bring to them. However, those who are happy in their delusive mode of consciousness, won't get much out of any of this other than some intellectual entertainment and accumulation of knowledge. What good is knowledge without experience. I am hoping that people are more serious about life than simply entertaining themselves. I hope that people are ready to attain a deep awakening by attuning with the purity of their consciousness, thus establishing harmony within and without."


Collector's Special Package: In a special offer, the Collector's Special Package, the book 'Mind Dimension' is coupled with a second book 'Real Dimension' as a package. The book, 'Real Dimension,' is unique: Other than its first page, the rest of the book is just blank pages. Why publish a book with blank pages? Ashoi explains: "Well, to make a point as clear as possible—the blank pages serve as metaphor for our scientific knowledge from direct experience of the real world in the Real Dimension. Our scientific knowledge is not based on the direct experience of real things in the real world but it is knowledge that is indirectly attained to through experiences of the representational world manifested in the human mind in the Mind Dimension and through interpretations construed by the human brain-mind system. We have never directly experienced anything real in the real world in the Real Dimension."

Ashoi elucidates an important point with his canny presentation of the book, 'Real Dimension,' wherein, on the first and only printed page of the book, under the caption, 'Author's Statement,' he asserts, "There is but only one thing we can be sure of and no other: A human being or any conscious organism experiences a virtual-reality world manifested in the realm of consciousness, the Mind Dimension, by definition, while the real world exists in the realm that cannot be directly experienced, the Real Dimension, by definition." He ends it with: "That said, the remaining pages are dedicated to the special purpose this book was written and published for: to present all our scientific knowledge hitherto gained from direct experiences of the real world in the Real Dimension. Hopefully, as you browse through the pages of this book, truth will dawn on you and hopefully you will embrace it just the way it is."

"The Collector's Special Package is exclusive and limited to only 100 packages. It comes with a Collector's Special Package Certificate signed and dated by Ashoi. [Price and other details will be provided upon request. Email inquiry to ( MindDimension @ Ashoi.com ) and please put "CSP" in the Subject line. ]

Ashoi: "We have much work to do and volunteers are welcome to help in this revolutionary movement ahead. All levels of support is welcomed. All your support and encouragement is highly appreciated."